All bad habits must be broken! Otherwise they become addictions that you can’t control! And then they dominate your life! And make you miserable!

Thinking is an addiction – it’s a habit of the mind that must be broken – and the only way to stop a bad habit is to quit it! So meditation is the practice of NOT THINKING – until you’re no longer addicted to it! Thinking dominates your life and dominates your mind and dominates your consciousness – all you can think about is your next thought! And you don’t even think that you can do anything about it – or that you should – and you think you’re a hopeless victim of your own mind – with no way to stop it and no way out!

Even just the thought of not thinking your next thought brings on fear, anxiety and boredom! And doing nothing becomes absolutely impossible! And you become absolutely panic-stricken! And doing nothing becomes your greatest adversary and your greatest friend!

Freedom is not freedom for the mind – it’s freedom from the mind! True freedom is being liberated from the mind – and it’s grip on your consciousness – and the grip of anxiety that has dominated your whole life!

And it all boils down to practice and training!…

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