“Abide in silence.”  – Swami Muktananda

Silence is golden. Silence is the key. Silence is the key to the doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven which is within you. Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) calls these doors “portals.” And he says that we can not access these portals because of all the “mental noise” going on in our heads which prevent these doors from opening. “Unless ye be converted and become SILENT ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven!” There are no shortcuts. You can not think and talk your way in. There is no Tower of Babel or Stairway to Heaven. This is why the path is so difficult, because at first it seems almost impossible. Achieving silence is beyond belief! The mind just never stops. It seems hopeless. And this is your only hope. Only in embracing despair and hopelessness do you actually begin to do the work. And this is why basic training is so important, because without the necessary strength it actually is impossible to achieve silence. So we sit still and do nothing for long periods of time. What we are doing is actually practicing being silent. We’re so used to talking and thinking 24/7 that we don’t even realize that there is anything wrong with it. And after a while you suddenly have a fleeting glimpse of silence and you get so excited you start talking over it and the moment’s gone. And this is where the ongoing practice comes in. You just go right back to your breath and carry on…The idea is to elongate these fleeting glimpses into long periods of time…to bask in silence…to enter the Kingdom…and then the tears will roll down your cheeks…

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