“If you’re not who you think are – how can you defend your position?”

You must give up! You must surrender! But this concept is the hardest to swallow. Maybe that’s why Eckhart Tolle saves the chapter on Surrender in his monumental book THE POWER OF NOW for last. As I have said before WORK is a 4 letter word in this world. But only DISCIPLINE IS FREEDOM! There are no shortcuts. If you’re not who you think you are, then everything you think, you feel, you do maintains the illusion of the false self. That’s why it’s so essential to commit and surrender to a discipline that works. Otherwise, you’re just hiding in ambiguity under the cover of spiritual materialism – thinking that you’re working on yourself while secretly maintaining yourself. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why ZEN RENOVATION works. It rips you down to the studs. And then there is no place to hide. Only then can you get your house in order. In this world of EGO there is nothing worse than thinking about surrendering. The entire course of civilization and of our own personal development is all about maintaining a strong sense of self. That’s why true surrender goes completely against the grain. It’s counterintuitive. It’s frightening!  And that’s why the ego thinks of a million reasons not to surrender – only to end up procrastinating your own path. But once you see that you are actually getting in your own way – that everything you think, feel and do is actually perpetuating your own suffering – you stop it – you give up – you surrender…This is the hardest work of the path. This is the ultimate challenge…

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