Mindfulness is the new buzz word on the spiritual path. Everyone is into it. It’s sweeping the planet.¬†And rightfully so because it is the key to all spiritual progress. But in this world of spiritual materialism how can you be sure that your ego is not co-opting it for its own sake and jeopardizing your work. Only TOTAL MINDFULNESS works. Any other approach leaves plenty of room for your ego to secretly maintain itself. I call it selective inattention or selective mindfulness or BLINDFULNESS! It’s the A LA CARTE approach. You let your ego pick and choose what it likes or dislikes about the Path and disregard the rest – unaware that that is exactly what your ego wants and ironically your suffering continues as you blindfully go down the self-improvement path. It’s all or nothing. Bringing mindfulness to everything you do 24/7 is the only way to insure that your ego is not in control. There’s a great story about a Zen Master who calls in three of his disciples and hands them each a chicken and says: “Go and kill your chicken where no one can see!” Soon they all came back and the Master called to the first one and asked: “Where did you kill your chicken?” “Behind the barn,” he replied. Then he asked the second one: “Where did you kill your chicken?” “Behind the tree,” he replied. Then he came to the third disciple who was standing there still holding his chicken in his hand. He said: “I told you to go and kill your chicken where no one can see. Why are you still holding your chicken?” “Master” he replied, “wherever I go the chicken can see!” When your mindfulness practice embraces your whole life you begin to extricate yourself from your ego and you begin to see clearly and you begin to notice every little thing you do. This is TOTAL MINDFULNESS.

Do you want a blind chicken?…

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